A Year of Boxes™ | Merkaela Review Summer 2017 | A Year of Boxes™

Merkaela Review for Summer 2017, a quarterly subscription box that makes wellness and tranquility easy to experience.


A Year of Boxes™ | Merkaela Review Spring 2017 | A Year of Boxes™

Thank you, A Year of Boxes!

“I’m tempted to say that I am Merkaela’s biggest fan. I absolutely adore this box. Everything about it is perfect. I always end up keeping the items for myself as I can’t bear to part with them. One of my friends asked me for some of the items once, and I’ve never been one to say no, except when it comes to this box. She got a big fat no. I use the items we receive each season to create spa nights for myself. I run a bath, light a candle, grab a book, line up all my Merkaela products on the bathroom counter and enjoy some “me” time. I can’t say enough about this subscription box. If you like all-natural health and wellness products then you MUST give it a try……you must!”