The Best Essential Oils for Spiritual Growth & Mental and Physical Healing – Merkaela

The best essential oils are carefully laid for those who are interested to learn more about how they could heal mentally and physically.


18 Spiritual Awakening Quotes To Expand Your Consciousness – Merkaela

“Spiritual awakening is often treated as a destination or a reward given to those who religiously meditate and constantly work to relinquish toxic thoughts and emotions. But the truth is there’s no finish line or gold at the end of this journey because the journey never ends. Living fluidly means you understand life is a journey, that the peaks and valleys are simply a part of the adventure.”

What is Spiritual Awakening and Why Does it Matter? – Merkaela

“When we carry around a lot of negativity in our minds and in our hearts, we become trapped by it, unable to move on. The goal is to understand its impact, make peace with it, and then let it go. Doing so will give us the opportunity and room for personal growth, expand our capacity to forgive and love, as well as provide us with a greater sense of awareness and personal security. That’s because negativity leads to fear, which is a handicapping emotion. Letting it go creates room for happiness and positivity, which provides us with a sense of freedom and connection.”