Our AWAKEN Playlist Will Energize You and Ground You – Merkaela

“I have to say I agree. Everything feels anew in the fall. My good friend Cristian (co-founder of Merkaela) and I have shared this feeling since we were in college. The fall is a time when we start to go within ourselves and reflect on what we have learned from the year thus far. Which often prepares to turn a new leaf.”


Our Bloom Playlist will Inspire you and help you Find fulfillment – Merkaela

“I really tried to pack in as many flavors and as many sounds as possible, without losing the focus and the groove of this playlist. Taking inspiration all the over the internet, as well as some places I frequent around New York, which is an enormous melting pot of cultures. Believe it or not the Nigerian disco tune Too Hot by Rick Asikpo, I heard at my local barbershop in Williamsburg.”

Merkaela’s Zen Playlist Will Help You Reach a Peaceful State of Mind

“Feeling zen has a lot to do with clearing some space in your head that’s cluttered by the daily grind of cellphone screens, e-mails and random shouting from your TV (especially true in this political cycle). It’s important to let go. It’s easier said than done of course, but music can certainly help.”

Our ELEVATE Playlist Will Take You On a Journey – Merkaela

“I got the inspiration for the Elevate playlist from the song River sung by a duo of twin sisters that go by the name of Ibeyi. They are of French-Cuban descent and sing in English and Yoruba, a Nigerian language their ancestors spoke before being brought to Cuba. Their song and use of language alone are like a virtual trip around the world.”

Our Bloom Playlist will Inspire you and help you Find fulfillment

With spring around the corner, I was tasked to compile my quarterly collection of tunes for the wellness brand Merkaela. This particular collection is named Bloom, and since warm weather makes me think of tropical climates and fresh cocktai…