How to Open and Balance Your Chakras – Merkaela

“Since every person is ultimately a combination of their mind, body, spirit and soul, it’s important for us to realize that when any of these is afflicted, the damage extends a lot further than the symptoms would suggest. It’s similar to a psychosomatic disorder when a person develops physical pain that is not the result of any concrete damage to their nerves or tissue but is actually a byproduct of some kind of mental issue. Treating the pain will not make it go away, but treating the mental disorder will.”

The Power of Intention and How to Use It to Win in Life – Merkaela

“While it’s perfectly understandable to want to know when to expect what you want, that may actually be asking too much. Intentions can’t be scheduled since they’re not like meetings, or dates, or lunchtime. They are about accepting and acting on opportune chances, taking measured risks and, above all, learning how to trust yourself. If you are proactive, thoughtful and tempered, there’s a very good chance that the power of your intention will be more effective.”

5 Compelling Reasons to Drink More Water – Merkaela

“There are different types of water (hard, soft, spring, well, etc.) and it comes in different forms (carbonated, distilled, frozen, and so on). Most of us tend to consume water as a beverage, but we also get it from food and as a metabolic side product. However, the exact percentage of water intake varies from person to person since it is also dependent on the individual’s consumption of fruit, vegetables, or other water-saturated foods. Depending on where a person lives, access to them may be surprisingly limited.”

Do You Understand the Importance of Sleep? – Merkaela

“Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to experience long bouts of sleep deprivation can vouch for its maddening symptoms. Some of the more common ones include mind fog, lingering fatigue, disorientation, as well as difficulty forming coherent thoughts and sentences. These could be accompanied by irrational thoughts, mood swings, high susceptibility to stress, and chronic irritability. But that’s not all. These symptoms also tend to create a ripple effect.”

Why Sleeping is so Important and Why You Need More Sleep – Merkaela

“Today we want to share with you an infographic “Why Sleeping is So Important” because it is filled with a bunch of fun facts you should know about sleeping and reemphasizes some of the strategies to get more sleep that we described in our post. Take a look and enjoy!”

Are you Familiar with the Hidden Dangers of Fragrance? – Merkaela

“Another common ingredient in fragrance is styrene. Simply put, it’s a synthetic chemical that’s used a building block in a variety of products that range from plastic to resin, and much like phthalates, they are commonly found in fragrances. Some of their immediate negative effects on health include dizziness, confusion, headache, fatigue, and possibly malaise. But it also has a lot of potential for long-term damage.”

How to Use Your Sense of Smell to Improve Your Life – Merkaela

“How much do you really know about the way your sense of smell impacts your life? It’s actually really amazing to think about how certain smells can calm us, while others can gross us out. Or how one whiff of something familiar, regardless of whether it is good or bad can flood our minds with distinct memories and acute sensations.”