The Power of Intention and How to Use It to Win in Life – Merkaela

“While it’s perfectly understandable to want to know when to expect what you want, that may actually be asking too much. Intentions can’t be scheduled since they’re not like meetings, or dates, or lunchtime. They are about accepting and acting on opportune chances, taking measured risks and, above all, learning how to trust yourself. If you are proactive, thoughtful and tempered, there’s a very good chance that the power of your intention will be more effective.”


How to Use Your Sense of Smell to Improve Your Life – Merkaela

“How much do you really know about the way your sense of smell impacts your life? It’s actually really amazing to think about how certain smells can calm us, while others can gross us out. Or how one whiff of something familiar, regardless of whether it is good or bad can flood our minds with distinct memories and acute sensations.”

12 Ways to Become Mentally Strong and Change Your Life Forever!

“Mental toughness is the quality that lets people face failures with serenity and strength rather than letting failures drown them into stress and anxiety. Resilient people possess a positive attitude, optimism, and the ability to control their emotions. Mentally tough people can face challenges and deal with stress, anxiety, and feelings better than normal people. Resilience is the quality, usually found in winners, athletes, leaders and entrepreneurs.”

How does being in nature impact your life? – Merkaela

“This essentially means that on average, we spend just half of a single day outdoors per week throughout our entire lives. What’s worse is that the number is expected to grow, and so are the many wide-ranging side effects of nature withdrawal. As a matter of fact, we have gotten so bad at spending time outside, doctors are now recommending we aim for at minimum of 5 minutes a day.”