Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and How to Improve It Through Yoga

“Yoga is considered to be a relaxation-response technique, much like meditation and mindfulness. In other words, by practicing yoga we are actually facilitating a physiological state of deep rest. One of its main benefits is decreased anxiety and stress, but also improved heart health, reduced blood pressure, and stronger immunity. As a matter of fact, the health benefits of relation-response techniques are so powerful they can reduce the need for health care services by 43 percent.”


How to Use Your Sense of Smell to Improve Your Life – Merkaela

“How much do you really know about the way your sense of smell impacts your life? It’s actually really amazing to think about how certain smells can calm us, while others can gross us out. Or how one whiff of something familiar, regardless of whether it is good or bad can flood our minds with distinct memories and acute sensations.”

Drinking Herbal Tea Can Save and Improve Your Life – Merkaela

“Depending on the type of tea, drinkers can improve their complexion, loose excess weight, reduce the severity and duration of infections, detox the body, and experience a whole lot of other benefits that can significantly improve the quality of their life. Furthermore, each herbal tea has its own specific properties that make it unique and, therefore, beneficial in a certain way. To bring out each tea’s individual properties, you can adjust harvest time and brewing methods depending on your needs.”

How to Improve Your Problem Solving Skills – Merkaela

“Individuals with strong problem-solving skills are the ones who are confident decision-makers and have strong analytical abilities. They comprehend a problem and predict its possible solutions based on the data they have and choose the best possible solution.”