The Importance of Practicing Self-Care

To practice self-care starting today, take a close look at your calendar and rearrange it so that sleep, exercise, and relaxation become a part of your life


Do You Understand the Importance of Sleep? – Merkaela

“Those of us who have been unfortunate enough to experience long bouts of sleep deprivation can vouch for its maddening symptoms. Some of the more common ones include mind fog, lingering fatigue, disorientation, as well as difficulty forming coherent thoughts and sentences. These could be accompanied by irrational thoughts, mood swings, high susceptibility to stress, and chronic irritability. But that’s not all. These symptoms also tend to create a ripple effect.”

The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices – Merkaela

“But sustainability has also been a growing interest among the public, which is becoming increasingly more concerned about the devastation certain big businesses are causing in their pursuit of natural resources. When we consider the simple fact that 7.4 billion people now populate our tiny planet, it’s blatantly clear that without sustainable business practices we can easily irreversibly damage our water, air, and soil. The rise in public demand for improvements has led to a business that previously showed absolutely no interest in going green to pursuit more manageable long-term solutions.”

The Importance of Practicing Self-Care

“Making time for self-care between competing personal and professional responsibilities may feel like attempting an impossible balancing act. But, as you go through the week, scratching items off a seemingly endless to-do list, make sure to pencil in some time to address your own needs.”