Preventive Care 101: How to Engage in Long-Term Preventative Care

“When it comes to your health, the best thing you can do is engage in long-term preventative care. Now, the term “preventative care” seems to have a lot of different meanings, which is why for our purposes we’re going to define it as taking measures that help you prevent sickness, rather than when you’re sick already.”

The Importance of Practicing Self-Care

“Making time for self-care between competing personal and professional responsibilities may feel like attempting an impossible balancing act. But, as you go through the week, scratching items off a seemingly endless to-do list, make sure to pencil in some time to address your own needs.”

Why You Should Use Personal Care Products Made with Hemp Oil

“Hemp, much like its counterpart, has been around for thousands of years, and as one of the first plants to be spun into a usable fiber, it became a staple of human evolution. Throughout our history, it has been used in the production of paper, clothing, food, insulation, fuel, textiles, biodegradable plastics, oils and moisturizers, as well as other items.”

How to Tell Which Skin Care Products are Safe – Merkaela

“Not all synthetic chemicals are bad. Just like not all natural products are good. For example, touching a highly poisonous plant can be just as (or even more) dangerous to your health as getting a chemical burn. Neither is great, and both should be avoided. Alternatively, a laboratory-made anti-biotic can combat an illness just as effectively (if not better) than a strategic regiment consisting of the right combination of herbs and spices.”

12 Toxic Chemicals to Avoid in Your Personal Care Products

“We always research before buying a new laptop, a new phone or new home appliances but unfortunately, when it comes to what ingredients we are ingesting or applying to our bodies, we don’t do as much research as we should. Instead of relying on what is written on labels, do some research before buying personal care products. Always search for toxic chemicals on websites such as Skin Deep database and make a list of toxic chemicals to avoid in your personal care products.”