Why Sleeping is so Important and Why You Need More Sleep – Merkaela

“Today we want to share with you an infographic “Why Sleeping is So Important” because it is filled with a bunch of fun facts you should know about sleeping and reemphasizes some of the strategies to get more sleep that we described in our post. Take a look and enjoy!”

The Pagan Origins of Halloween and How These Traditions Impact Your Life Today – Merkaela

“If we take time to meditate on the messages that are given to us and listen to our inner voice that is guided by intuition, we will start to learn more about ourselves and watch our lives start to unfold right before our eyes. When we engage in rituals, we re-connect with ourselves. By consciously choosing to find inner peace, we can allow ourselves to start anew and have a more positive outlook on life.”

Are you Familiar with the Hidden Dangers of Fragrance? – Merkaela

“Another common ingredient in fragrance is styrene. Simply put, it’s a synthetic chemical that’s used a building block in a variety of products that range from plastic to resin, and much like phthalates, they are commonly found in fragrances. Some of their immediate negative effects on health include dizziness, confusion, headache, fatigue, and possibly malaise. But it also has a lot of potential for long-term damage.”

How to Use Your Sense of Smell to Improve Your Life – Merkaela

“How much do you really know about the way your sense of smell impacts your life? It’s actually really amazing to think about how certain smells can calm us, while others can gross us out. Or how one whiff of something familiar, regardless of whether it is good or bad can flood our minds with distinct memories and acute sensations.”

Therapeutic Benefits of Mineral Baths Backed by Science – Merkaela

“Alternatively, soaking in warm or hot baths seems to have a relaxing effect on the mind and muscles, which any regular sauna visitor could easily confirm. And, fluctuating between cold and hot temperatures seems to provide additional benefits such as increased immunity, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, cleaner and smoother skin, reduced stress, higher cognitive function, decreased fatigue and lethargy, healthier bones and muscles, as well as a much better mood.”

Our AWAKEN Playlist Will Energize You and Ground You – Merkaela

“I have to say I agree. Everything feels anew in the fall. My good friend Cristian (co-founder of Merkaela) and I have shared this feeling since we were in college. The fall is a time when we start to go within ourselves and reflect on what we have learned from the year thus far. Which often prepares to turn a new leaf.”

The Importance of Sustainable Business Practices – Merkaela

“But sustainability has also been a growing interest among the public, which is becoming increasingly more concerned about the devastation certain big businesses are causing in their pursuit of natural resources. When we consider the simple fact that 7.4 billion people now populate our tiny planet, it’s blatantly clear that without sustainable business practices we can easily irreversibly damage our water, air, and soil. The rise in public demand for improvements has led to a business that previously showed absolutely no interest in going green to pursuit more manageable long-term solutions.”